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  1. What are cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies are internet files that serve to temporarily store what a user is visiting on the network, that is, they are information created by him when he accesses a website. The browser stores cookies on your hard drive, but they occupy minimal memory space, which does not affect your computer’s performance.

All information is stored in the user’s browser, and thus enables the transmission of information such as the user’s language, browsing history, such as date, time, location, access IP, operating system to the website operator.

In this way, FOCCUS MEDICAL uses cookies that when the user returns to the site, he will automatically use this information to present personalized settings for a better navigability of the user.


1.1 Types of cookies and Their Purposes

There are two types of cookies that exist, namely:

Permanent Cookies – These are files that are stored in the browser, even after the user has finished accessing the website;

Temporary Cookies – These are files that collect user data only when accessing the website. Thus, when the user ends the session, the files are not stored.


Cookies have specific purposes, as follows:

Necessary Cookies: They are necessary for the permission to use some services, as well as certain functionalities available on the website;

Functionality Cookies: They are responsible for keeping the user’s preferences for the use of our website, which allows the user to not need to select their preferences when accessing the website again;

Advertising Cookies: Perform the collection of information about the user, enabling the sending of advertisements, as well as enabling the personalization of the publication;

Analytical Cookies: Perform statistical data collection and analysis. They enable the verification of which pages the user accessed, the number of hits per page, whose objective is to improve the functioning and performance of the website.


2. What types of cookies does FOCCUS MEDICAL use?

FOCCUS MEDICAL mandatorily uses the necessary cookies, considering that, only through them, it is possible to guarantee the functioning of the website.


3. Cookies Management
Installation of cookies is subject to user consent, except for necessary cookies. Although most browsers are initially configured to automatically accept cookies, it is possible for the user to change their permissions at any time, in order to block, accept or activate notifications for when some cookies are sent to their device.
To manage browser cookies, the user must access the browser settings in the cookie management area.


4. Cookies Policy Updates
We are in constant improvement, so this Cookies Policy may be updated in order to provide the user with more security, convenience and improve the provision of the website. Therefore, we recommend that the user access our Cookies Policy periodically, so that they are aware of any changes.


5. Addendum
This Cookies Policy is for information purposes only, therefore, it is not a source of obligations for website users.
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