WSI MX / PX-Titan®

WSI MX / PX-Titan® is a transpedicular system designed for stabilization and chest deformities or defects of the sacrum-lumbar spine. The following are assigned to the system:

• Easy handling of the instruments providing functional and secure deployment;

• Instrumental with multifunction, ergonomic and small in number, without prejudice to the presence of essential instrumental;

• Excellent stabilization of the implant;

• Low profile.




WSI-MX / PX-Titan expertise can be used in invasive and minimally invasive surgeries because the screws are cannulated. Main advantages:

• Cannulated screw and sterile;

• Option invasive or minimally invasive surgery;

• Less blood loss;

• Preservation of muscles and vessels;

• Reduced scarring.




WSI – MX / PX – Titan Expertise Miss are instrumental for use with the implants WSI- MX / PX – Titan Expertise for minimally invasive surgery. They are designed to facilitate use and assist the surgeon in this procedure.


WSI MX / PX-Titan Expertise Integration

Stable fixation in poor bone stock
Augmented implantation (optional)

• Bonit Coated;

• Fenestrated;

• Distal seal available;

• Identical implants of open and minimally invasive procedures.


Interbody SPACER

Interbody Spacer can be used in 3 different techniques with two different types of material in one set instruments.

Titanium (TiAl6V4)

• High biocompatibility;

• High mechanical stability;

• Excellent osseointegration;

• Excellent long-term results;

• Excellent radiographic image.



PEEK-Optima® LT (Poly-Ether ether ketone)

• Ideal substitute for the titanium with respect to chemical compatibility and weight;

• High strength and dimensional stability;

• The position of the implant is clearly visible due to integrated titanium markers, so that the implant position can be checked safely.



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